The Flow-Tech System


The Flow-Tech system conducts an electromagnetic field into the piping network. This electromagnetic field is able to reduce the Zeta potential, allowing minerals in the water to stick to each other rather than to pipes and equipment (traditional scale). Flow-Tech’s signal lowers the bacteria count in the system by using electroporation, flocculation, and encapsulation. Corrosion rates are also managed by allowing the calcium to act as a natural corrosion inhibitor, and the absence of chemicals makes chemical-induced corrosion avoidable. Since the signal is conducted into the pipes and can be seen throughout the system, instead of at a single location, the entire system is treated.


Some Flow-Tech Water Treatment System Benefits 

  • Reduces biofilm growth by 98%
  • Maintains system heat transfer efficiency
  • Measurable energy savings from reduced pump horsepower and improved chiller efficiency
  • Reduces biocorrosion of piping network
  • Increased cycles of concentration, leading to water savings
  • Safe and chemical-free
  • Promotes equipment operating life
  • Measurable operational/maintenance savings from reduced system teardown
  • On-the-pipe installation means no costly piping modifications and no system downtime
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