Increasing Operational Efficiencies

 Flow-Tech is providing significant solutions to wastewater processes involving anaerobic digestion. Companies are effectively removing and preventing scale build up, while increasing their overall operational efficiency.


Struvite (MgNH4PO4.6H2O) is notorious for forming a tenacious scale on anaerobic dewatering equipment and transport lines. The scale is extremely resistant to standard chemical cleaning products – resulting in exorbitant costs of operation. As a result, centrifuges, press applications and transmission lines need to be taken out of service multiple times every week to remove the crystalline struvite deposits.

The Solution

Flow-Tech’s chemical-free technology dramatically changes how companies are treating their wastewater systems. By removing existing accumulation and preventing future deposits, Flow-Tech allows for a more effective all-around operation. In many cases, companies have ditched their previous chemical solutions and have switched to Flow-Tech for continued success in completely eliminating the build-up of struvite scale.

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