Protecting your Pool with Less Chemicals

Flow-Tech successfully provides numerous benefits in treating swimming pools. Designed to assist existing water treatment systems used in swimming pools, Flow-Tech ensures a more reliable operation, while reducing chemicals, backwashing, and energy.

Chemical-Free System

As Flow-Tech is a 100% chemical-free water treatment system, backwashing out old water from the pool does not cause any additional pollution of the local groundwater ecosystem. This would only occur as a result of other chemical agents already being used for disinfection purposes.


Flow-Tech creates an ongoing flocculation effect, which provides for better efficiency of the filtration system itself, while reducing the time required to backwash a system. After the Flow-Tech unit operates on a system for a period of time, backwashing takes less time. Largely due to the flocculation process, flocculated particles simply backwash out easier than those under conventional operating conditions. This in turn reduces the amount of water wasted to accomplish the backwash. This translates to direct savings in reduced water consumption, energy waste to heat that water, and unnecessary dumping of residual chlorine.

Free Chlorine

Our technology keeps free chlorine levels higher, and chloramines lower. This is a combination effect due to both flocculation, and how the signal acts to free the bonds of combined chlorine (chloramines) at a molecular level. This is a significant aspect of how the Flow-Tech system maintains well-conditioned pool water.


Ideally, we want to use as little disinfectant as needed to maintain control of potential or existing biological contaminants. However, the traditional view is that “too much is better than too little”, so we tend to overshoot to be on the safe side. With Flow-Tech helping to manage the system, lower levels of chlorine are required to keep the same amount of free chlorine in the pool, so chlorine levels may be safely lowered to a degree. We recommend keeping the chlorine level between 1.0 to 2.0 after the unit has been in place a while and the system has stabilized. We further recommend keeping to a higher level of total chlorine during periods of more rainfall or anticipated increase in bather load.


Algae is often an ongoing problem for pool owners. Flow-Tech provides a dramatic improvement in managing algae. Due to its nature, algae flocculates extremely well when treated with Flow-Tech technology. Say goodbye to green water.

The Flow-Tech system is maintenance-free. It is not one more thing to clean or manage. Install it, power it on, and that’s it. Contact us for more information today.

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