No Project too Big or too Small


Free from Limitations

Flow-Tech’s method of propagating our signal into the system’s water not only provides better, verifiable results, but it eliminates the need to cut pipe and install treatment chambers or sections. By eliminating treatment sections, our technology can be installed on pipes as large as 36″, if not greater. This is just one reason why Flow-Tech Industrial is the toughest, most reliable system on the market today




Unmatched Superiority

Built for the harshest conditions, Flow-Tech Industrial is the most robust system on the market today. Time and time again, our technology has proven successful in even the most extreme of environments. From hospitals to power plants with cooling capacities over 130,000 tons, Flow-Tech has been a game-changer in reducing bacteria counts, preventing scale, and controlling corrosion rates for some of the largest applications out there.




Other Industrial Applications



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