Revolutionizing the World of Agriculture

Flow-Tech’s premier chemical-free solution for scale and biological control has proven effective time and time again.  Now we are taking aim to revolutionize the agricultural industry.

Scale Control


With dozens of locations already utilizing the Flow-Tech Grow system—including apple growers and processors—our technology is dramatically affecting the industry. Customers are successfully controlling scale without chemicals, while using less water to keep their plants healthy and processing effective. Flow-Tech Grow’s technology produces immediate results, as shown here. The apple on the left was grown in a non-treated orchard, while the apple on the right was grown in a Flow-Tech Grow treated orchard. Any scale that forms is easily wiped away. Contact us today for more information.




Biological Control

Flow-Tech is the only chemical-free system to meet ASHRAE protocol for biofilm control.  This application was demonstrated when the Flow-Tech system was installed on an approximately 4,000-gallon apple packing dump tank in Yakima, Washington.  Within days of starting treatment, the bacteria readings from the water were non-detect.  A month later, the customer reduced their chemical use, and microbiological levels continued to test at non-detect.  The customer also indicated that the water could potentially be held in the tanks for longer periods due to the excellent microbiological control—which would lead to water savings in the future.






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