How It Works



The Flow-Tech system generates a radio frequency signal in the 140kHz range that is introduced into the water of the entire cooling system and creates a diminishing sine wave that randomly switches on and off up to 40,000 times per second. The system produces hundreds of billions of nucleation events per second throughout the plumbing system that remove the surface charge of suspended particles, such as dirt. These suspended solids become the preferred sites for precipitation from CaCO3 and other contaminants in the water and grow until they fall out of suspension as a harmless powder that is removed from the system by filtration or routine tower maintenance.


In 2009, the University of Pittsburgh conducted ASHRAE Project Number 1361-RP, where they found that Pulsed-Power and all of the other tested chemical-free devices were unable to control sessile or planktonic microbial growth rates. In 2012, the University of Pittsburgh repeated this test and concluded that the Flow-Tech system successfully achieved a 98% reduction is biofilm growth.

The Flow-Tech system creates a pure water layer along the surfaces of the tower, chiller, and pipes of the cooling system that prevents biofilm formation and removes existing biofilm accumulation. Bacteria are encapsulated in the same powder that prevents scale formation, and the bacteria that are not encapsulated are damaged by the Flow-Tech signal and are unable to reproduce.


The Flow-Tech system reduces corrosion by the aforementioned pure water layer and also by operating the cooling system in an alkaline environment beyond the normal concentration of calcium carbonate. This allows the calcium carbonate to act as a natural cathodic corrosion inhibitor. By controlling bacteria, preventing scale and biofilm, and eliminating corrosive chemicals, microbial-induced corrosion, under-deposit corrosion, and chemical-induced corrosion are also prevented.

Flow-Tech SystemsHow It Works