The Flow-Tech System has multiple benefits—Here are a few:



Water savings: In evaporative cooling applications, Flow-Tech saves water by increasing the cycles of concentration beyond the limits imposed by traditional chemical treatment. System water is kept in specifications according to the ranges prescribed by equipment manufactures. The reduced blowdown does not contain chemicals, so it can be reused for other purposes, including irrigation. By reusing the blowdown water, no water is wasted, and sewer fees can be eliminated.




Energy savings: By conducting its signal into the water and propagating it throughout an entire system, Flow-Tech causes scaling particles to adhere to each other instead of heat transfer equipment surfaces. Even 1/32″ of scale can increase energy consumption in heat transfer equipment by 8.5%. Biofilm is four times more insulating than calcium scale.  By utilizing electroporation, flocculation, and encapsulation, the Flow-Tech signal effectively controls bacteria and removes biofilm even hundreds of feet away from the device installation site.




Maintenance and equipment life: With systems now working as the manufacture intended, the amount of maintenance needed is reduced. Chiller tubes and heat exchangers remain cleaner longer. Downtime to fix fouled items is cut. With no new scale formation, pumps are able to run without the strain of reduced water volume or increased resistance. These working conditions lead to a longer lifespan of equipment and reduce the frequency of repairs.



Reduced liability: By replacing harmful chemicals with Flow-Tech, companies no longer need to store and secure toxic chemicals onsite. This reduces risk to employees and overall liability by eliminating the potential for spills or dangerous chemical contact, and there is no need for protective clothing or eyewash stations. Flow-Tech is an integral part of cooling tower water treatment plans to prevent legionella outbreaks by maintaining low bacteria counts and preventing biofilm formation.



Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED): Green buildings are good for the environment and companies alike. With Flow-Tech, innovation and design credits are made possible by eliminating chemicals and contributing toward water conservation and reuse. Additional points may be awarded for water efficiency by reusing blowdown water for irrigation or other purposes onsite in order to reduce municipal treatment burden.


Return on investment (ROI): Flow-Tech saves money while conserving natural resources. By increasing the water reuse in cooling systems, or cycles of concentration, customers can greatly reduce the amount of water consumed in evaporative cooling applications. This translates to significantly reduced potable water fees, and sewer fees can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. By preventing scale and biofilm on heat transfer surfaces, energy consumption is minimized, and equipment requires less maintenance and lasts longer. The following table illustrates a typical return on investment based on operating savings alone.


Environment: Flow-Tech reduces the HVAC burden on the environment and municipalities by maintaining heat transfer efficiency, protecting the life of equipment, eliminating chemicals in discharge water, reducing water consumption, and eliminating the manufacture, packaging, transport, storage, and disposal of toxic chemicals.


Flow-Tech SystemsBenefits